Surface and Hand Sanitiser

All our surface sanitiser, disinfectant spray and hand sanitiser gels are available for both domestic
and commercial customers. We supply a wide range of sanitising gel and sprays with free UK delivery
and unlike most sanitisers, our sanitising products are 70% alcohol-based so they will kill 99.99% of
all germs, viruses and bacteria on contact.
At Amazilla, all our surface sanitisers, disinfectant sprays and hand sanitising gels are tough on germs
but remain kind to your hands and skin, plus all our products include a natural moisturiser and have
no nasty extras. Our "clean hands" range hand sanitizer spray, is the perfect product to keep with
you whilst on the go shopping or meeting with friends and family.
In addition, all our “clean hands” products come in a variety of sizes and are the ideal product or gift
for all those requiring regular or repeated sanitiser use. Hand sanitiser gels from Amazilla help you to
stay safe from bacteria and germs whilst killing viruses before they can spread. Here at Amazilla, our
goal is always to keep you and your family safe at home and on the go whilst keeping your hands
moisturised and clean.

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disinfectant Spray
hand sanitizer gel

Kills 99.99% of virus and Bacteria

Although there are many Surface sanitisers, disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizer gels on the
market, not all sanitising products are created equally, all Cannasept hand sanitiser products
including our surface sanitizer, disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizer gels are created using the
World Health Organisation's own hand sanitizer formula and have an alcohol content of 70%
ensuring that they kill 99.99% of all germs, bacteria and viruses on contact.
All our surface sanitiser products will ensure your hands and work surfaces, door handles, fixtures
and fittings remain clean and 99.99% germ and bacteria-free guaranteed! Order our 5-litre container
today, there will be enough product for the whole family and all our products are suitable for use in
any spray bottle that you may already have at home. Stay safe, stay clean with Amazilla Surface

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Cannasept hand sanitiser

Cannasept Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Fast Dry Liquid 5L

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